About Us

About Us

Epcotec GmbH was founded in 2017 as an engineering and project management company with a team of highly qualified specialists to provide professional support for procurement and development laboratory, R&D and QC projects. After initially focusing on laboratory solutions, the spectrum of our services are expanded to include machines and systems on an industrial scale and even large turnkey projects in High-tech technology like Plasma and Nano.

We are offering following solutions:


Plasma Technology


We develop individual solutions for a wide variety of requirements in the field of Plasma, Corona and surface finishing. Another branch is Rotor Spray with highly efficient and sustainable system.

Testing Technology

We supply high-quality textile test instruments from the first class global manufacturers. Also we are offering individual test equipment or test methods for R&D projects either physical or chemical tests. It is in following industries:

  • Textile (Garments, Bio-textile, Medical textile)
  • Composite (Technical textile, Glass and carbon fiber)
  • Polymer and Petrochemical (synthetic fibers)
  • Paper (Tissue, dryer fabrics and cover blankets)
  • Vehicles (carbon fiber platforms)
  • Energy (wind facilities)
  • Aerospace (carbon fiber platforms)
  • Civil and mine (Geo textile)

Nano Technology

In cooperation with our partners, Electrospinning machines for Nano fiber and Nano spray were further developed. We are also happy to advise you on the subject Nano equipment and Instruments.

About Us

Abi Fini, founder of the company entered the operational business at the beginning of 2020. Because of his unique ideas and extra motivation, the company improved and developed so fast. we were able to move into our new building in Stolberg on 01.04.2020. In the future, these will also be used as show rooms for trail machines as well as for holding user seminars, training and services.