S.T.A. Branca Idealair

Branca Idealair s.a.s. begins studying the development of Textile testing instruments

The symbol of the company is its first apparel called Regain tester.

The equipment consists of a rapid drying oven equipped with a analytical balance. After drying the fibers material of a known wet mass, Regain tester determines the final dry weight comparing the mass differences between two next dryings. If the mass difference is equal or lower than the admittable difference in grams, then the moisture content and regain of fibers material is found.


The relative humidity (%) represents an important influencing factor on fibers and the need of its control becomes so fundamental for textile testing laboratories that represents a keyword to ensure the validity of commercial weights of materials in national and international Textile markets.


Then the experience brings to the birth of a new base concept: "The STANDARD ATMOSPHERE".

Branca Idealair becomes skilled in the realization of precision air conditioning units that have a big hit and guarantee the thermo-hygrometric stability required inside the laboratories offering the best quality in all its projects.

In the early 70s the advent of Quality Management Systems increases the requests of climatic units able to keep under control laboratory parameters determining an higher quality of products and managing processes.

The Requirements ever more recommended on the geometry of the pieces in terms Dimensional Metrology demonstrate that they are influenced from Temperature variations: the reference Standard ISO 1 defines as reference temperature the 20 °C for the geometrical specifications.

The laboratories for Metrology, where such specifications are recommended, have to maintain very closed variables tolerances to minimize thermal gradients, which determine spatial and temporal variations unacceptable especially for the coordinate geometry in Dimensional Metrology (CMM).


For many years Branca Idealair continues developing new special and custom apparels always based on specific requirements requested by customers for the quality of their industrial products.

Our new range of air conditioning units include advanced technology assuring a precise close control of temperature, for example at 18-24°C ± 0,5°C or ± 0,1°C and Relative Humidity at 50-65 % ± 2%, thus creating the right conditions to perform repeatable tests in compliance with national and international Standards.