Water Proof Tester

Water Proof  Tester

Water Proof  35S is the hydrostatic head tester ISO 811 for fabric testing designed with measure ranges up to 5000 cm.H2O



BWP35S can perform hydrostatic head tests on fabrics, technical textiles, waterproofing materials and impermeable membranes up to 50 meters of water column according to the Standard ISO 811.

The maximum hydrostatic pressure of fabrics determines the waterproof limits subjected to a constant increment of pressure in cmH2O/min.

All results are expressed in cmH2O, mmH2O or mbar (on request) and are defined only after the first three water drops appear on the sample surface in compliance with the Standard ISO 811.

The sample pneumatic clamping is designed to assure the perfect sealing to the specimen reducing to the minimum the presence of water leaks by the side.

Water Proof Branca 35S includes auxiliary test area reductions of 10, 26 and 28 cm2 for AFNOR Standard to be coupled on flanges of 100 cm2 test area.

This testing instrument allows to reach the water proof limits of hydrostatic pressure up to 50 meters of WaterColumn as higher measure range useful for various test methods and designed either for water resistant fabrics or technical textiles or waterproof membranes etc..

The Hydrostatic pressure test with Water proof 35S can be performed on:

  • Technical textiles
  • Sportswear
  • Gore-tex