Spray Test

The "Spray test 36" allows the operator to do water repellency tests on samples of fabrics

Namely to determine the behaviour of a fabric to absorb water that get in contact with the same, in form of rain.

Spray tester 36 is especially suitable to measure the water repellency of fabrics water-repellency-test

The exact definition of Spray test method is "resistance to wetting."

Spray test 36 is supplire together with the following components:

  • a sprayer with 19 holes having the same predetermined diameter according to the Standard;
  • a laboratory glass funnel with a predetermined diameter;
  • a circular support inclined 45° to perform the tests on the test tubes;

The distance between the center of the sprayer and the center of the support is fixed as defined by the Standard.

The test is carried out by fixing the fabric to the frame so that it is not bent, and then pour 250 mL of water at (20 ± 5) °C in the funnel; so you will have a splash in the average length of 25-30 seconds. It then rotates the frame 180 ° and the test repeated.

For test pieces of ribbed fabrics, such as velvets, please also place the tube on the frame so that it presents the coasts tilted 45° with respect to the flow of water coming down along the fabric itself.