Acoustic tester for Fabric

Acoustic tester for Fabric

Rayls 37X measures the airflow resistance and Non linear factor of acoustic materials

Test results are expressed in MKS Rayls and CGS Acoustic Ohms suitable for acoustic materials.

The original test area is 50 cm2 and accessorized with reduction flanges of 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 cm2 are supplied together with diameter certificate issued by ACCREDIA body.

Rayls 37X is equipped with an touch screen as user interface that allows to set test parameters, test monitor, additional functions and evaluations at the end of each test.

RAYLS 37X: Test procedures:

    expressed in MKS Rayls or CGS Ohms (referred to 1 cm2), representing the result of pressure difference across the sample divided by the linear velocity of the airflow; MKS Rayls test procedure states to calculate the ratio between pressure drop (Pascals) and air velocity (meters per second) crossing the sample material.
    The airflow must be sufficiently low to obtain laminar, non turbulent airflow through the sample, in order to properly define the airflow resistance in a linear range.

    The output of the measure is the value of:
    • MKS Rayls = Pa*s/m


    which allows to check the behavior of the sample at a very high air velocity (turbulent air flow);
    The second test method is the measure of the NLF - Non Linear Factor.
    When turbulence happens, the measured airflow resistance is higher than in the linear range. This might lead to an undesired change of the acoustic performance of the final component .
    It is possible to measure this deviation by calculating the ratio between two measured values of specific airflow resistance, respectively at laminar and turbulent airflow (usually, at 0,2 m/s and 2 m/s airspeed).

    Examples of applications requiring NLF measures:
    • Acoustic devices - performance across narrow slots;
    • Acoustic devices - nonlinear performance at very high Sound Pressure Level;