Twist Tester

Twist has a critical effect on the physical properties of yarn such as softness, tensile strength and cover factor.  Optimum twist level is important for both yarn end-users and production plants.

Lawson Hemphill Electronic Twist Tester, ETT meets applicable standards for measuring twist in the yarn.  The machine is designed to apply Untwist-Retwist Method, Direct Counting Method and Schutz Method, which is special mode for Open-End yarns.

The instrument is a motorized unit with two clamps.  One clamp is on adjustable stand to select yarn test length while the other clamp rotates in S or Z direction for twist removal.

The ETT Control Panel allows selection of the twist test method.  At the end of the test, Panel Display will show the Average Twist Count, Standard Deviation, Minimum and Maximum Twist counts.  Result data can be printed or sent to a computer.