Level Meter

Industrial liquid measurement system


Sensors represent another branch of Becatron's wide range of products. In the past years, both LiquiLight and LuqiHydro
enjoyed extreme popularity in the textile sector compared to other sensors as taking continuous measures without mechanical
components gets rid of problems such as jamming and stoppages.
· universal using
· high level measurement of chemical products, water, wastewater and much more
· 1 x analogue 0/4 … 20mA
· very easy installation
· for plastic and metal tank

The principle of capacitive level measurement is based on the capacitance change of a capacitor.
The probe and the refence stick form a capacitor whose capacitance is dependent on the amount of product
in the tank: An empty tank has a lower, a filled tank a higher capacitance.

In hydrostatic level measurement, the measuring cell of the pressure transmitter detects even
the slightest changes in hydrostatic pressure, which increases or decreases depending on the filling level.
Level measurement with hydrostatics is totally unaffected by foaming or vessel installations.