Automated testing system for simultaneous measurement of Shrinkage % and Shrinkage Force of the yarn

Complies with ASTM D4974, ASTM D5591, EN 13844

Enclosed system that maintains a draft-free environment during test

Dual, non-contact heaters individually programmable to run tests under constant or temperature ramp mode with 5 settings from ambient to 300˚C (Optional High Temp Heaters up to 450˚C)

10g, 200g or 2000g load cell available to meet the required force measurement precision

Light duty or heavy duty clamp designs available to provide non-slip grip for different yarn types from elastomeric yarns to tire cords

Friction free pulley to measure the Shrinkage % with ± 0.1% precision

Five programmable temperature settings allow temperature ramp and soak interval

Windows based, easy-to-use software features