Flat screen printing machines with rubber conveyor belt

These machines include a printing table with a length ranging from 20 to 35-40 m., on which a conveyor belt (3), covered with resin-coated rubber, is progressively moved.
The fabric adheres to the conveyor belt, after passing through a feeding system provided with a spreader and a warp-centering and straightening unit controlled by photocells or other devices.
The printing stations (4) (8, 12, 18 or more stations can be assembled on a printing system, depending upon the length of the table and the size of the screens) are arranged on the conveyor belt; the screens are fixed on the printing stations. Each printing station is equipped with a
keyboard for setting and adjusting the printing data . Each time the conveyor belt stops, the screens simultaneously lower, the squeegees pass over the cloth in line with the data entered by the operator, spread the dye, lift up and move to the next section.