Precision lab knitting machine with Stitch Control System to prepare standard samples of knit fabric for quality control purposes

Ability to knit all types of yarns, including synthetic and natural fibers as well as monofilament, filament, elastomeric and spun yarns

The only sample knitting machine trusted with spectrophotometer for color and dye analysis

Maintains constant course length with the Yarn Meterhead to ensure uniform loop size

Maintains constant tension on the yarn with the Air Servo/Stitch Cam Regulator to eliminate fabric defects such as barre, which is caused by tension variation during knitting

Features fabric take-up assembly to collect the fabric under controlled tension to ensure fabric uniformity

Nine different cylinder sizes available to knit yarns from 10d up to 2000d (Please consult us for higher or lower denier ranges.)

Interchangeable knitting cylinders that can be used in all Lawson Hemphill knitting machines