Texturing is an important step that adds natural fiber feel to synthetic yarns by introducing bulk and crimp. Traditionally, these properties were measured using the Skein Method, which by design can only measure skeins of yarn at a time.

The introduction of the yarns with different crimp levels into the same fabric will cause light to reflect differently, creating a stripy appearance due to variations in bulk. When measuring the Crimp and Shrinkage, TYT can apply as low as 1mg/denier tension on the yarn to measure the slightest change in crimp and shrinkage.

Lawson Hemphill developed the Textured Yarn Tester, TYT to overcome the disadvantages of the Skein method by reducing test time (1000+ pkgs /8hrs with a package changer) and required no special expertise to run the test. The machine conforms to ASTM D 6774, Standard test method for Crimp and Shrinkage properties for Textured Yarns using a Dynamic Textured Yarn Tester and Chinese Standard GB/T6508-2001.

TYT provides a dynamic platform that allows measuring every section of the yarn to simultaneously determine five yarn properties, including Total Recovery (total contraction), Fiber Shrinkage, fiber Crimp, Entanglement and Friction Coefficient.

In addition to providing direct feedback on yarn quality during production, TYT can be placed directly in the yarn packaging area to qualify outgoing packages before final shipment.

User friendly, TYT software program features complete statistical report with accept/reject limits and built-in ability to connect to a network to control the production parameters remotely.