Nano particles for health and beauty

Nano particles for  health and beauty

Properties of nanofibers can be specified as having low diameter, high surface area to volume ratio, high strength value, low basis weight, high porosity and small pore size. These make them indispensable in numerous applications.

Increasing the number of fibers in a unit volume can be achieved by decreasing the diameters of fibers and by migrating atoms from the bulk to the surface. This leads to an increase in surface area to volume ratio, and hence the enhanced liquid absorption capacities and increased retention levels of functional groups, ions, particulates, or agents are obtained. High contact surface area between nanofibers and skin provides delivery of medicine and cosmetic agents to the deeper parts. All these mean advancements in the activities of materials including nanofibers instead of micro ones. With the aid of nanofiber production methods, especially by electrospinning, mats with controllable pore sizes and fiber diameters can be obtained. Also, the novel approaches that have been shown to medicine led to consumption of more conscious pharmaceutical products including therapeutic products and healthy products.